Thanksgiving 2008, pt. 2

Thanks for the feedback on the Thanksgiving video. I’ll keep my day job for now. This is a follow-up article to focus on the wines I’ve mentioned in the video. Some are very reasonable and easy to find like the Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay ($21 @ Costco!) or Le Cigar Volant. Others, like the DuMOL Viognier, are difficult to find and more expensive, so look for similar wines of the same varietal.

For some wines Chateanuf du Pape (CDP), you have to plan well ahead for. Stock up and cellar the very good 2006 vintage to enjoy in 2009. The 2007 vintage of CDP looks outstanding. You can still find reasonably priced 2004 CDP around, or better yet check out Le Cigar Volant.

Basically, look for food friendly wines: balance, low alcohol, high acidity. I strongly suggest French rose. I usually buy a mixed case easy drinking French rose when they are released early in the summer. The prices range from $7-15/bottle. I enjoy the case over the summer and keep an extra bottle or two around specifically for Thanksgiving dinner. American rose is refreshing, but usually more expensive and has a higher alcohol content. Often, it’s difficult to appreciate a highly acidic wine, but they pair extremely well with food. Rieslings (but not the late harvest desert wine) are also a good choice for the same reason. More on rose later.


the “line-up”

Thanksgiving wines 2008 004 Thanksgiving wines 2008 002

Start here. A good non-vintage sparkling wine. I prefer Piper. Gloria Ferrer is a good, and more reasonable alternative.



Thanksgiving wines 2008 009 Thanksgiving wines 2008 001 Thanksgiving wines 2008 008

Move up to a full bodied white wine or rose…


Thanksgiving wines 2008 017 Serve one of these with turkey or ham… Thanksgiving wines 2008 010


Thanksgiving wines 2008 025

I like a centerpiece Magnum (1.5 liter)


Thanksgiving wines 2008 013

always open a crown pleaser, a Zinfandel…I like the Prisoner


Thanksgiving wines 2008 015

sweet potato pie


Thanksgiving wines 2008 035

party’s over, clean-ups done, family’s asleep…kick back, enjoy a good port and watch a holiday movie like Apocalypto

Another reason I like Thanksgiving…it’s always followed by “detox” Friday. Have a good and safe Holiday Season.


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