Screaming Eagle! Wow Dudes and Dudettes!

In case you did not know, Screaming Eagle is perhaps the most ”cult” of Cult Wines.

If you go online a bottle will cost you upwards of $1800.

On May 14th, 2008 I had the opportunity to go to a vertical tasting of Screaming Eagle including 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The most amazing things about the vintages was how distinctively different each was.

The 2003 vintage was ready to drink, subtle elegant balanced.

The 2004 vintage was big, with marvelous flavor but not a “fruit bomb” with wonderful silky tannins.

The 2005 vintage was massive, and bold, and dense but not harsh.

All three were special wines.

I was probably the only one in the room who could figure out which one I liked best.

Screaming Eagle 003

The bottom-line:
If you can afford to spend upwards of 1800 bucks on a bottle of wine, go for it!

Otherwise there are great bargains at 25 bucks!

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  1. You’ve heard people call it “Screaming Ego,” I’m sure.
    I can see no reason why anyone would spend $1800 on a bottle of wine. Period. Wine is about enjoyment, not speculation or status.
    That having been said, you are a lucky dog to have got to taste this rare wine — I assume on someone else’s dime. If possible, I am both indignant and jealous.

  2. hi.
    my name is olga,i m an italan girl that loves wine
    I live in Birmingham UK and i work as a waitress in a casino where i had the pleasure to serve a Screaming Ego 1999 even if our custmer wanted the 1996
    The company had to spend £3500 and i’m really sorry that I haven’ t be so lucky to taste not a drop of it
    Can you give me some information about this wine from 1996 that I’m sure it cost a fortune.
    Many thanks

  3. I attended the tasting with Mack for SE last May. Tasting a flight of SE was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    We did not try the 1996, but it was a good year in Napa for Cabs. 1996 was not as good as 1994, in my opinion, the overrated 1997 vintages.
    1996 may have been a low crop year, which could have increased the price on this already expensive, and almost unattainable cult wine.
    If you want to get an idea of SE, try the Hewitt 2005 Cab. It’s about $85/bottle and from Rutherford, just south of Oakville where SE is grown in Napa

  4. As majestic as SE is, try Scarecrow. A third of the price(still a pricey bottle), and from Rutherford. Fruit is sourced from a vineyard that was planted in 1945. Extremely concentrated, but not over the top. Cheers to you!

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