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Vinoyo.com is a wine community, primarily, but not exclusively for African Americans. I have been a vinophile for years and I am surprised by the lack of diversity in the wine community. More often than not, I have found myself to be the only person of color at wine related events.

Our goal is to increase the involvement of minorities in the wine culture by starting a community that will support diversity.

Seven years ago, I attended an Italian cooking class at the San Francisco Culinary Academy. The instructor (Chef Angelo) told the class that “wine is one the best things that can happen to you.” I believe this. We would like to provide an evolving forum that will support consumers, producers, and merchants. The wine world is a big world. Wine is a culture.

I invite you to participate in the experience…and if you’re not careful, you just might learn something.

What am I drinking now? glad you asked. Yesterday, I received my “Club” shippment from Vision Cellars. Vision is a African-American owned winery located in Winsor CA (Sonoma). www.visioncellars.com I am enjoying their 2006 Chileno Valley Vineyard (Marin County) Pinot Noir. It’s good, but young and needs just a little more time in the bottle…but I could not wait. After being open for about two hours, however, this young Pinot is really opening up. Beautiful color, full nose (burnt sugar, black cherries and vanilla), and a surprising length (finish). This California Pinot has a Oregon nose. More on Vision Cellars later…

I am looking foward to this Sunday. I’m going up to Napa Valley early on Sunday morning to participate in the 2007 Cab harvest. Report to follow…

Have a good weekend. Enjoy responsibly.

Red Beans and Ricefully Yours (Louis Armsrong)


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