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  Wine 101 is an occasional series of blog posts that will introduce novice wine drinkers to the wine culture.  One of the goals of this website is to introduce more people to wine.  In particular, I want to introduce more people-of-color to to the wine world. 

Wine 101 will discuss topics from how to open a bottle of wine, how to order of a wine list, wine glasses, health issues, etc.

In a scene from one of my favorite movies, Do The Right Thing, Da Mayor (Ozzie Davis) says to Mookie (Spike Lee): “Doctor, always try to do the right thing”  This is the first rule/lesson of Wine 101: Do The Right Thing…enjoy responsibily.  I know this is a well-worn advertisers phrase, but it’s well said.  Know your limits.

What am I enjoying  responsibly tonight?  Glad you asked.  Chateau St. Jean, 2005 Fume Blanc (Sonoma).  Fume Blanc is a term coined by Robert Mondavi, essentially it’s Sauvignon Blanc.  This Chateau St. Jean, Fume Blanc has Sav Blanc as well as Semillon.  It’s an excellent wine for the price.  Pale straw color, honeydew/melon nose with a faint mineral note.  On the palate it’s slightly dry, semi-sweet (cantalope) with low/moderate acid.  I have a few bottles of this wine, I do not believe it will hold for more than two years and is unlikey to improve with aging.

 If you have no idea what I am talking about…read Wine 101.

 Always Do The Right Thing


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