A good weekend, made spectacular by a difficult Monday

Damn…it was a long day, not difficult but long. 12 hours long. It would have been nice to sit in front of the big screen tonight and watch Monday Night Football, but I have a family so I did the next best thing. I opened a big Zinfandel.

Rosenblum 2005 Rockpile Road Vineyard Zinfandel. As my palate has evolved, I have moved away from Zinfandel. But, this one brings me back to my roots. I usually don’t like Zins because they are too big…big nose, heavy fruit (black currants, blackberries), overripe (jammy), high percentage of ETOH (alcohol). The mouthfeel is too heavy. Usually to heavy to enjoy with food.

This, however, was no ordinary Zin. Rosenblum specializes in Zinfandels and grapes from Rockpile Rd are above average. Rockpile Rd is a hilltop area in Sonoma County California. It’s a small viticultural area just north of Lake Sonoma.

There are specific occasions when I will drink Zin. For example: after long day at work, at BBQs/cookouts, cold nights, and usually on their own (i.e. without food). The heaviness of a Zin will blow most food dishes away.

Tonight my wife made sukiyaki. With Japanese food, I usually go straight for the sake. I was suprised that the sweetness of the sukiyaki really brought out the fruit in the Zin. The wine was less heavy and more approachable. I have never found a wine that goes well with Japanese food, but this combination worked well.

More about Zins later. More about sake later. Later this week, a full report on the Cab harvest at Grace Family Vineyards in Napa.

Zinfully yours,


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I am a vinophile. I was born and raised in San Francisco. I graduated from Morehouse College in 1986 and received my M.D. from UCSF in 1991. I am a happily married, living and working in San Francisco.

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