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What is Vinoyo?

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Vinoyo is a wine community, primarily, but not exclusively for African Americans. I have been a vinophile for years and I am suprised by the lack of diversity in the wine community. More often than not, I have found myself to be the only person of color at wine related events.

Our goal is to increase the involvement of minorities in the wine culture by starting a community that will support diversity.

Seven years ago, I attended an Italian cooking class at the San Francisco Culinary Academy. The instructor (Chef Angelo) told the class that “wine is one the best things that can happen to you.” I believe this. We would like to provide an evolving forum that will support consumers, producers, and merchants. The wine world is a big world. Wine is a culture.

I invite you to participate in the experience…and if you’re not careful, you just might learn something.

What am I drinking now? glad you asked. Yesterday, I received my “Club” shippment from Vision Cellars. Vision is a African-American owned winery located in Winsor CA (Sonoma). I am enjoying their 2006 Chileno Valley Vineyard (Marin County) Pinot Noir. It’s good, but young and needs just a little more time in the bottle…but I could not wait. After being open for about two hours, however, this young Pinot is really opening up. Beautiful color, full nose (burnt sugar, black cherries and vanilla), and a suprising legnth (finish). This California Pinot has a Oregon nose. More on Vision Cellars later…

I am looking foward to this Sunday. I’m going up to Napa Valley early on Sunday morning to participate in the 2007 Cab harvest. Report to follow…

Have a good weekend. Enjoy resposibly.

Red Beans and Ricefully Yours (Louis Armsrong)


A late summers nights Rose (or, how I learned to stop worring and love the funk)

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

it is a warm late summer night in San Francisco…long day at work, the Giants have been out of contention for months…no better reason to have a glass of Rose

this evening I opened a bottle of 2006 DARE Rose from Viader, to compliment a sourdough organic pizza from a local bakery, Arizmendi.  The pizza was topped with sweet onions, fresh tomatos, basil…simple, but very good.  The wine and the pizza were very good, however, they did not compliment one another as much as I had expected.

The ’06 DARE was fruit foward, low to moderate acidity, and moderate alcohol for a rose (14.5%).  This appears to be typical of “new world” Rose wines.  Last night I had a French rose that was just the opposite, an ’06  Domaine des Corbillieres, Touraine, Pinot Noir Rose.  This “old world” rose had bite: big acid, less fruit intensity, and a lower alcohol content (12.5%).  The Touraine is a much better wine with food.  The DARE is very good…better on it’s own (without food) than the Touraine.

It’s not that I don’t like the DARE Rose…but with food, bring the funk (acidity).

When I initially started to seriously drink wine, I wanted every glass to be like butta’ (malolactic fermentation).  Now I want balance.  I want to enjoy a glass of vino that is appropriate for the vibe.

How did I get here?  Where and when did I begin to appreciate wine.  When did I learn to stop worring and love the funk? 

My serious foray into the wine culture began about 10 years ago and it continues to evolve.  I will continue to nuture and cultivate my interest in wine and invite others to join in the experience.

bring the wine, bring the funk

red beans and rosefully yours,